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You are then referred to another page depicting how to exchange bonus points for upload credits.Every night we run scripts to disable inactive accounts (that is, accounts where one does not use the web site for longer than 17 weeks in a row).The warez scene relies on strict release standards, or rules, which are written and signed by various warez groups.Failure to do so will be marked as a hit and run, and will be dealt with, accordingly.The seedbonus is rewarded as credits, which can be used as on-site currency to purchase invites etc.

Every user has obligation to keep his ratio any time above 1.0 Once your ratio is below 0.4 you will receive a warning from the system.Do not add useless comments just to gain points. a simple thank you is fine, or a comment ABOUT the torrent is acceptable.This is done by clicking on the numbers where it says Bonus located just below your ratio.The warez scene hierarchy The scene is build up in a certain hierarchy.For example, if a HD-Maniac who fits in the third bonus category gets 5 invites every month on the 8th and the 22nd, whereas a HD-Pro who fits in the first category gets two invites on the 8th and one on the 22nd.Quote: Hit and Run is applicable to partial downloads as well.Donating a minimal amount of monies to to help us offset our expenses also comes with upload credits.In general, these people intend to have a better knowledge about computers and the internet.Commercial use of site access is not something common, most people do it just for fun, not to make money.

Seedboxes: These can be both good and evil, depending on how they are used.We understand that maintaining a good ratio can be difficult, we just ask that you try:) Low ratios (a ratio below 0.65) will result in severe consequences.Probably only staffs have invitations or who helped the tracker alot get invites. if you can manage to get invitation, you need to be a power user and you have to be a active in forums.For each ticket you purchase 100 mgs of upload credit is taken from your stats and put into a pot.Other then this only norwegians can request and recieve invites from staff.Lô 19 + 20 Phân KCN Sài Gòn - Dung Quất,. CTY GIAY THIEN LOC Cty CP Giày Thiên Lộc. Lô B10-B11 cụm CN Nhị Xuân,.

For a better experience, please download the original document and view it in the native application on your computer.Unparked accounts are pruned when 60 days have elapsed since the last recorded activity.

If you are going to be away and not able to access your account for a long while please park your account.The download speeds are quite low since you download from other users.IRC Trading IRC TradingAbove the peer-to-peer users we have the people who go to IRC for their warez.

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Examples of other common fields include genres (for mp3 releases), sections, and nuke details.VIP accounts as inactive and are automatically deleted without PARKED after 40 days Users who have multiple accounts are automatically disable all.Once warned, a member will have four weeks to improve their ratio to at least 0.60 or their account will be automatically disabled and their IPs will be banned.

The bot will make an announcement in an IRC channel when a directory is created when an upload is completed. It will also give race information, since just like on fxp boards, the site traders try to send a release as quickly as possible to another site.Parked accounts are pruned when 90 days have elapsed since the last recorded activity.Always maintain a ratio of over 0.6, low ratio users can be banned anytime.We recommend that you download the complete file to qualify for the seed bonus:: Donate::::IRC Server and Channel details::::Forums:: memori 23-04-2011 05:17 KG.

No links to Warez, crack sites and other sites Romanian trackers.Waffles (PU) — Has an user-submitted invites thread here.Thread is cleaned up regularly, and offers a varying assortment ofprivate trackers.Activity accounts with zero (0 bytes 0 bytes download and upload) are automatically deleted after 26 days.

If you download 20 gb or more and if your ratio is under 0.5 you will receive maximum 3 warnings to fix your ratio.The reason for this is that fxp boards, irc traders but mostly peer to peer users endanger the scene.Xtreme users and uploaders can request invitations from the staff.Do not click the thanks button for torrents that you are not going to download.Users with a ratio of 0.3 or less who have downloaded over 5GB will be demoted to Peasant, and banned after 28 days.

Thiis is not the case, even if nobody is leeching it you will need to leave it there for 48 hours.Each torrent should be taken to seed the first 2 hours required (without stopping the torrent site.Without aggressive, unfriendly or racist anywhere on this site.

It may be easier to find someone who is giving away their account, as opposed to an invitation.In the media, peer-to-peer users are being labelled as dangerous pirates.Underground-Gamer (PU) — Karagarga, IPtorrents, CartoonChaos, Ntorrents, Waffles, and many others.

Quote: Originally Posted by memori (Post 36235225) Invites sent.Free newsserver can be quite fast, and pay newsservers are even faster.These people who are in sites and in fxp boards are considered corrupt, and if other sceners find out, they will be scenebanned (banned from all sites).So if you wish to become an uploader read all about it in our Rules and FAQs.Topsites Next on the list and at the top are the site traders.When the warning period has ended, the system checks if you meet the ratio requirements.Warez channels are often run by people who have access to a fair amount of pirated material.Because of abuse of the system, we have removed some Karma options.Abuse of the system will result in Karma being removed we as staff have complete access to what the karma is being spent on and where it was gained.